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Popular Lying Asanas and Their Benefits for Yogis

Beneficial Yoga Poses (Lying Asanas) You Can Do While Lying Down.

There are so many benefits that come from doing yoga, but your yoga practice does not always need to bring a significant challenge. Lying asanas and their benefits are less well known, but they can still have a big impact, all while supporting relaxation.

In this article, we will explore lying asanas and the many benefits that come with them.

What Are Lying Yoga Poses?

Those who are new to yoga often find that there are a lot of new terms to learn. Some are easy to remember, some less so. Lying yoga poses may sound like a yoga pose that plans to trick you, but that isn’t the case—lying asanas are simply poses that can be done while lying down!

Yoga can be quite active, and it encourages us to move our bodies in new and unusual ways. However, you may be surprised by how many yoga poses can be done entirely while lying down on your mat.

Don’t underestimate the power of these poses. Lying-on-back yoga poses are still yoga poses, and they can work wonders when it comes to helping you receive the benefits of yoga in a calm and approachable way.

Yoga and Asana Pose.
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Lying Asanas and Their Benefits

These are some of the benefits that come with doing yoga poses that can be done while lying down comfortably on your mat. Whether you do 15 or 5, lying yoga asanas and their benefits just keep on giving!


Since yoga encourages us to move our bodies in new ways, it should come as no surprise that comfort is a major consideration. As you try new yoga poses, you will find that some will be more comfortable for your body than others. In fact, if a pose is ever uncomfortable, there are usually easier alternatives that you can use to build yourself up to that specific pose.

Lying yoga poses are really exceptional for this!

Many people find that poses done while lying down can reduce strain and increase overall comfort. If you are new to yoga, you will find that these poses can be a great place to start. In fact, they can even help you gauge your comfort levels as you begin.


For most of us, lying down is inherently relaxing. Many people find that this carries directly into their yoga practice as well. Poses that are done while lying down can be very relaxing and pleasant. Ideal for early morning or after a long day, these poses promote relaxation in two ways—through lying down and stretching.

A lot of yoga poses are designed to support relaxation. Since this is the case, combining these moves with lying down can be even more relaxing. Lying-down yoga poses are great for promoting peace and relaxation, even if you do them for a lengthy amount of time.


It is no secret that yoga is a popular option for those who are seeking better accessibility in addition to healthy movement. As many people learn when they begin, yoga is a very accommodating practice. Those who try yoga for the first time are often given many ways to reduce the strain and need for movement, which makes yoga very accessible, especially with lying-on-back yoga poses.

Lying down poses can be done entirely while lying down. For many people, this makes the practice very approachable for those who need accessibility accommodations. Without moving around or any physical strain, anyone can embrace the benefits of yoga while still staying in alignment with the needs of their body.

Yogi Conducting Yoga.
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A Smaller Challenge

Fitness practices are often focused on a challenge, but yoga is one activity that does not always need to be challenging. In fact, it can be simplified to avoid any real challenge at all—and sometimes, you will find that this is exactly what you need. Doing yoga while lying down is a great way to simplify your practice so you can benefit from it without overexerting yourself.

Every day won’t be your most active day, and yoga can easily accommodate that!

Targeted Movements

Balancing or standing while stretching can be difficult or overwhelming, especially for beginners. With yoga poses focused on lying down, you can prioritize specific and targeted movements without the additional strain of standing or balancing. For those who are new or out of practice, this can be a wonderful and safe way to start.

Winding Down

One of the best reasons to do lying yoga poses is to prepare for rest or a night of sleep. Engaging in practices that keep you lying down can help you to relax your body and mentally prepare to get a full night of rest. Simply adding a five-minute wind down to your day can easily help you to sleep better and may even help you to get in the right mental state to improve the quality of your rest.

Yoga Poses You Can Do While Lying Down: Your Starter Guide to Lying Asanas

These lying yoga poses are the perfect balance of challenging, relaxing, and comforting too!

Corpse Pose

Don’t be alarmed by this pose’s unique name—corpse pose is a pose that everyone should know and embrace. With this pose, you will simply take time to lie down on your back, allowing your arms and legs to naturally stretch away from your body.

Think of this pose as lying down but with more intention.

As you stay in corpse pose, you will feel your body relax and settle into itself. It can help loosen tight muscles and align your posture to reduce physical strain and promote comfort.

If you’re looking to shake things up, you can also do a reverse version of this move where you lie down on your stomach instead.

Bridge Pose

For those who are looking for lying yoga poses that offer more of a challenge, you really cannot do better than bridge pose. This pose begins with lying down. However, it asks that you raise your knees, bringing your heels closer to your body with your feet on the ground. When you assume this position, you will lift your hips, stomach, and chest while keeping your shoulders on the ground. This can be a very satisfying and challenging stretch.

Doing this pose repeatedly can be quite the workout, especially if you pair it with a balancing pose, like knee-to-chest. This will stretch your spine and promote stretching all throughout the body, all while strengthening your abs.

Knee-to-Chest Yoga Pose.
Knee-to-Chest – Pexels


Lying down does rule out a lot of balancing poses, but not all of them. If you’re looking for a fun challenge to add a little more spirit to your lying-down routine, sarvangasana is a great fit.

In this pose, you will begin by lying down on your back. From this position, you will bring your legs up and push up or roll up until your legs are perfectly straight in the air.

For safety, be sure to use your hands to support your back and avoid turning your head while in this position. For more of a challenge, bring your legs down over your chest and head until your feet touch the ground, and let your arms stretch out in the opposite direction.

Child’s Pose

Although you won’t be lying down flat, child’s pose does involve lying down with your legs folded underneath you or alongside you. In the traditional form, you will stretch your stomach and chest over your legs as they are folded underneath you. With your arms outstretched or pulled back by your sides, you will feel your spine lengthen and relax.

For another version of child’s pose that offers more of a stretch, you can also pull your knees apart so your legs are on each side of your body. After this is complete, you will bring your forehead to the mat, as well as your chest if possible. This provides a wonderful and welcome stretch while keeping you down on the ground.

Happy Baby

There are some yoga poses that are difficult to remember, but some have imagery that makes them very easy to recall. Happy baby is one of those poses. As soon as you’re in it, you will realize why it has such an entertaining name.

In happy baby pose, you will lie down on your back before bringing your knees up to your chest. It can be nice to hold your legs for a minute, stretching and rocking to build more comfort. After you feel comfortable, you will take each of your hands and reach down to the inside of your feet, wrapping your hands around them.

From this position, you will pull back, bringing your knees on each side of your torso and holding your feet in the air. When done correctly, you will look like a baby that has recently discovered its feet and just can’t seem to let go.

Fun and relaxing, this is a great yoga pose to enjoy!

Thread the Needle

Our shoulders and back can carry so much tension, and this lying yoga pose is great for alleviating it. In this pose, you will begin by lying down on your stomach and pressing up onto all fours—don’t worry, you’ll be lying back down soon!

Take one of your arms and slide it down underneath your other arm perpendicular to the direction of your body. Slide your arm along the ground until your shoulder reaches the ground, as well as your face.

As soon as this happens, bring your other arm up and point it to the sky to complete the stretch. For the best effects and more balance, do this with each of your arms.

Yoga and Asana Class.
Yoga Class – Pexels


The ability to twist is one that we take for granted, but it is important to remember that this action takes practice. Twists are very important for your body, supporting healthy movement and allowing you to better support the long-term health of your spine.

You might not expect it, but a twist can be a surprisingly amazing stretch.

To carry out a simple twist, you will want to begin by lying down on your back. As soon as you are comfortable, stretch your arms out and away from your body. This will help you to stay comfortable and balanced as you move into the twist.

Bring your knees to your chest, then take your knees and drop them to one side of your body. Your shoulders should continue to touch the ground, while your spine twists to follow the turn of your legs.

Repeat this regularly and on each side to improve your spine and enhance your mobility.


Sometimes a simple pose can have a big impact, and knee-to-chest is one of those poses. With this signature yoga pose, you will simply lie down on your back and bring your knees up to your chest.

From this movement, there are several other choices you can make. Some people enjoy simply laying there while hugging their knees to their chests. Others enjoy moving in this position through guided movements with their hands on their knees. You can rock back and forth or even turn this pose into a simple twist.

Do what makes you feel comfortable!


Another excellent challenge, bow pose is a lying down pose that can also be fairly demanding. In this pose, you will begin by lying down on your stomach. Get comfortable in this position, allowing your body to stretch and relax.

Once you are satisfied, you will curl your legs up at the knee and reach back with your hands. The goal is to grab your legs or even feet, curving your legs and your chest in a curve just like a bow. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to be a perfect curve.

This position can be challenging for some, so take your time. If you need to begin by simply reaching back and stretching while grabbing your feet one at a time, that can be a really great place to start too.

Find Peace and Restoration Through Lying Asanas!

Lying-on-back yoga poses can be just as powerful as their more active alternatives. There are even some times when these poses are better, like during periods of meditation. Whatever the reason is that you try them, know that the benefits that come with yoga can be wonderful and lasting. As you begin to begin or improve your practice, find more time for these peaceful and restorative poses!

This is not professional medical advice.